CRFFN Goals & Vision

CRFFN Goals & Vision

To build professional Capacity in Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management in order to enhance Nigeria’s competitiveness.


1. Regulating and controlling the practice of freight forwarding.

2. Regulating and controlling all the associations of freight forwarding agents.

3. Regulating and controlling persons who are engaged in freight forwarding.

4. Promoting the highest standard of competence, best practices and conduct among individual members and organizations engaged in the freight forwarding profession.

5. Securing in accordance with the provisions of the Act, the establishment and maintenance of registers of persons and organizations entitled to practice as registered freight forwarders, and the publication from time to time of the list of such persons and organizations.

6. Encouraging participation of members in international exchange programmes.

7. Determining the standards of knowledge and skill to be attained by persons seeking to be registered as freight forwarders and raising those standards from time to time in accordance with international industry practice.

8. Encouraging Freight Forwarders to strive for high levels of career achievement and to gain a broader understanding of the principles of cargo movement in the interest of the public, clients and employees.

9. Ensuring uniform standards of education, training and professional conduct of practitioners.

10. Performing any other functions conferred on the Council by the Act.

11. Maintain cargo movement statistics, which shall be made available to registered members and the public.

12. Establish a comprehensive syllabus and curriculum for the training of Freight Forwarders

13. Embark on continuous certification of Freight Forwarders

14. Embark on continuous conduct of seminars and workshops

15. Affiliate with universities, colleges and FIATA

16. Create membership development toolkit (Continuous Professional Development    (CPD)