Membership Benefits

Membership Rules

Individual Users:

Staff Freight Forwarder

Executive Freight Forwarder


Corporate User:

Freight Forwarding Companies

Freight Forwarding Service Providers

All these membership categories are further classified as either indigenous or non-indigenous

Membership Requirements


Registered CRFFN Practitioners shall consist of individual, corporate organizations in the private sector and other similarly qualified persons in the public and private sectors. These persons and companies must have principal place of business in Nigeria and MUST carry on the business of freight forwarding in the standard set by the CRFFN as a means for achieving the CRFFN goals and aims.


  1. Apply online and pay Application Fee
  2. Complete physical verification of your application
  3. If your application is successfully approved, a practitioner number (RFFixxxxxx for individuals and RFFcxxxxxx for companies) is generated for you and sent to you via email. This is different from your Application Number which is in the form CRFFNxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. You are then required to pay your Registration Fee to ratify your registration and indicate your acceptance of CRFFN practitioner registration.
  5. If your application is disapproved, you will be notified via email


  1. Payment Receipt (or CRFFN Receipt from the portal) and the bank teller used in making the payment as evidence of payment for application
  2. Originals and photocopies of ALL Education Credentials/Certificates declared in the application
  3. A letter of Attestation from each company declared in the Employment Information section of the application with photocopies of this letter.
  4. Two forms of valid Identification; this must be International Passport, National ID, Drivers license or Company ID
  5. Sworn affidavit at a Federal High Court attesting that, the applicant is of good character, has attained the age of twenty-one years and has not been convicted in Nigeria or elsewhere of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty in accordance with section 13(3) of the CRFFN Act of 2007.
  1. Payment Receipt (or CRFFN Receipt from the portal) and the bank teller used in making the payment as evidence of payment for application
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company
  4. CVs of all members of the Board of Directors of the company
  5. The profile and/or brochure of the company
  6. An evidence of having an independent and identifiable office premise in Nigeria
  7. Original and Certified True Copy (CTC) of Certificate of Incorporation of the company
  8. Original and Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Articles’ of Association of the company as a freight forwarding company
  9. Original and Certified True Copy of Corporate Affairs Commission Form CO2 and CO7 - Particulars of Directors of the company
  10.  Original and Certified True Copy of Corporate Affairs Commission Form 10 (Annual Returns) of the company
  11. Original and photocopy of valid three years Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)
  12. Company Logo – physical or electronic copy
CRFFN Practitioner Core Values:
  • Ethical business practices;
  • Good governance 
  • Attractive climate for private investment; 
  • Competitive and open market systems; 
  • Economic reforms proven to generate sustainable economic development, equitable income distribution and improved living standards; 
  • Open dialogue and free flow of ideas; 
  • Objective research; 
  • Abide by the CRFFN Act and Registered Freight Forwarders Code of Conduct; 
  • That freight is handled for principals exclusively, which freight moves principally from Nigeria to points or places abroad, or in the reverse direction;
  • Abide by the CRFFNs requirement to secure, at member's cost Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance coverage. Such liability coverage to be in accordance with the particular requirements of the member. (N.B. Thereafter, annual submission of proof of coverage is member's responsibility.);


CRFFN members must abide by the requirements of the laws of federal republic of Nigeria that there be qualified personnel in every office handling dangerous cargo. Submission of identification of trained individuals in each Member's office is required in writing to the CRFFN Secretariat within six months of approval of membership to the Association

Members who are of the opinion that certain persons be invited to apply for Membership shall notify the CRFFNs Membership Committee in writing of their opinion, attaching relevant details and information to facilitate a preliminary consideration of the suitability of such candidates for invitation to apply for membership. Members shall make their notification to the membership Committee in absolute confidence.

The membership committee shall screen the candidates by reviewing the documents submitted on their behalf and conducting any other investigations it may consider necessary. Thereafter, the membership committee shall pass its findings and opinion in respect of the candidates to the Executive Committee, which shall, after consideration, pass same to the Council for approval or otherwise, in absolute discretion

The Council shall, where it is of the opinion that any candidate meets the CRFFNs membership criteria, mandate the Membership Committee to formerly invite such candidate to apply for membership.