Section 30 of act number 16 of 2007 establishing the Council For the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria defines the freight forwarder as any person or company who arranges the carriage or movement of goods and associated formalities on behalf of an importer or exporter along the international boundaries of sea ports, cargo airports or land border stations.

Deduced from the above definition, therefore, the role of freight forwarding in the transport industry includes but not limited to:

The role of CRFFN in the freight forwarding profession

Section 4 of act number 16 of 2007 establishing the council charged it with the general duty of:

In a nutshell therefore, the role of CRFFN in freight forwarding includes but not limited to regulating and controlling the practice of freight forwarding, and promoting the highest standard of competence, practice and conduct among members of the profession.

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